For a world free of hazardous chemicals

A catalyst for change

ChemSec - bridging the gap between regulators, business, investors, NGOs and science


RoHS to restrict more substances in electronics

Advocating for a strong EU directive on electronics

Time to include brominated and chlorinated flame retardants and PVC in the EU directive


SIN Producers List for Investors is updated

SIN Producers List for Investors is updated

A year after its first launch, ChemSec is now presenting an update of the SIN Producers List for Investors with information from the second...


”The SIN List is a major driver for innovation”

European Commission: The SIN List is a major driver for innovation

States the European Commission in their "Thematic studies for Review of REACH 2012"


Financial investors taking action

Sustainable investments avoiding hazardous chemicals

Concrete tools for investors wanting to avoid the risks of investing in high concern chemicals


Endocrine disrupting chemicals

Time to regulate the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals

Lets move from ambition to action: It is time to regulate the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals


Information about the SIN List in Chinese


Making it easier for Chinese companies and authorities to use the SIN List


Industry-led competition gives more sustainable carpet sector: Desso goes cradle-to-cradle

"Who would have imagined that the humble carpet tile would become a hotbed of innovation on the road to a more sustainable future? – Zero impact means a rethink of the entire business model from R&D to manufacturing to marketing and selling but, says Desso's CEO, it's worth it. He recognises that the cradle to cradle system has yet to gain mainstream recognition but he points to more interest in the last couple of years as companies recognise that they need to reduce their impact on resources."

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