626 Substances of Very High Concern

The SIN (Substitute It Now!) List is an NGO driven project to speed up the transition to a world free of hazardous chemicals. The SIN List 2.1 consists of 626 chemicals that ChemSec has identified as Substances of Very High Concern based on the criteria established by the EU chemical regulation, REACH.

The SIN List is an important tool for speeding up the REACH legislative process and giving guidance to companies. It is based on a straightforward concept: substitute hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives. Think of it as a fast track to a toxic-free world.

Substitute It Now!

The chemicals on the SIN List are being used in everything from detergents and paints to computers and toys. Sometimes in high levels. Yet consumers have no knowledge of this.

The SIN List puts pressure on legislators to move forward with speed and urgency. It provides progressive companies with a helpful list of hazardous chemicals to avoid as they aim for a sustainable future. It also challenges chemical companies to revise their portfolio.

The most hazardous chemicals according to EU legislation

The SIN List contains substances that are identified by ChemSec as fulfilling the criteria for Substances of Very High Concern provided by REACH. These are substances that can cause cancer, alter DNA or damage reproductive systems. It also includes toxic substances that do not easily break down, but instead build up in nature - with a potential to cause serious and long-term irreversible effects. The SIN List also contains substances that are identified to give raise on an 'equivalent level of concern'.

A unique collaboration between NGOs and progressive businesses

The SIN List has been developed by ChemSec in close collaboration with leading NGOs in the EU and the US. Companies in the ChemSec Business Group have also contributed to the development of the list. The SIN List has been revised by scientists and technical experts and is based on credible, publicly available substance information from existing data bases, scientific studies and new research.

An ongoing project

The SIN List is a living, ongoing multi-stakeholder project that will evolve according to new developments and findings. It will be continuously updated as new information on dangerous chemicals becomes available.

High level recognition

The European Commission sees the SIN List as a major driver for innovation, according to the European Commission "Thematic studies for Review of REACH 2012". UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme, also highlights the SIN List as a useful tool for chemical hazard assessment and chemical and product prioritisation, in their Global Chemicals Outlook.

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A few days after the launch of the SIN List 2.0 in 2011, Janez Potocnik, the European Commissioner for Environment, stated that "the recently published second edition of the SIN list, which also includes substances with endocrine disrupting properties, should indicate to you the substances the European Commission will take into consideration for placement on the candidate list."